Nokogiri: Failed to build gem native extension.

Maybe you try to setup a project:

$ bundle install

If you get this error trying to install nokogiri gem

Installing nokogiri 1.6.8 with native extensions

Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

Then you are probably missing the right developer tools. The way you can solve it is doing this:

gem uninstall nokogiri  
xcode-select --install  
gem install nokogiri  

Try again

$ bundle install

And there you go :), be happy!

Victor Velazquez

Coder, Musician, Startups, Passionate Dancer & Life Lover. Director of Engineering at MagmaLabs, Co-founder of Web Dev Talks, Co-founder of Voltaire, Co-founder of Paqkit, Ex-co-founder of Zaznova.

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