MacVim no editor windows visible at all

Yesterday something unexpected happened with my MacVim in some point the editor window was not visible at all.

And also was hard to remove on the Dock bar.

I found on troubleshooting wiki from MacVim this commands to fix it:

# kill all MacVim and Vim processes

$ killall -9 MacVim
$ killall -9 Vim

# Reset the preferences

$ defaults delete org.vim.MacVim

# Open MacVim from command line.

$ /Applications/ -g -u NONE -U NONE

After this, everything goes back to the normal.

I was able to still open my MacVim using:

$ mvim .

That's all folks!

Victor Velazquez

Coder, Musician, Startups, Passionate Dancer & Life Lover. Director of Engineering at MagmaLabs, Co-founder of Web Dev Talks, Co-founder of Voltaire, Co-founder of Paqkit, Ex-co-founder of Zaznova.

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