Learning ReactJS - Journal

I just started to learn ReactsJS this is going to be my journal of things I'm doing it to achieve that goal.

Let's see whats going on.

Day 1

I started researching and asking friends where to start:

Links people provided to me:

If you need to level up first your Javascript skills I highly recommend you:

Day 2

I found a mentor I spoke with my friend Alex about to teach me things about react.

So I started my first react app, using a boilerplate Alex my friend created Simple Rebo.

Link to my first react app https://github.com/vicmaster/reactapp

More days to be added...

Victor Velazquez

Coder, Musician, Startups, Passionate Dancer & Life Lover. Director of Engineering at MagmaLabs, Co-founder of Web Dev Talks, Co-founder of Voltaire, Co-founder of Paqkit, Ex-co-founder of Zaznova.

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