How to convert a string to a method name in Ruby

What if I want to send a string as a param to a service and then with that string param call a method with the same name?

For example:'personal_list', {date: [1.month], config: true}).print_users  
class UserService  
  def initialize(string, opts = {})
    @string = string
    @date = opts[:date]
    @config = opts[:config]

  def print_users

  def cardinal
    send(@string) if self.class.private_method_defined?(@string)


  def personal_list

So the one that does the trick is send

Clear explanation send vs call

That's all folks!

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Disclaimer: This example was merely representative and has the purpose of illustrating how to convert a string to a method.

Update: This post it was updated to use self.class.privatemethoddefined? instead of declaring an array with and check if the string is included in that array. 2017/10/11

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