Are we professionals?

Friendly and personal reminder, this is the mantra I took from Uncle Bob

What that I expect from me?

  • We will not ship shit
  • You always be ready
  • Stable productivity
  • Inexpensive adaptability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Fearless competence
  • Extreme quality
  • QA will find nothing
  • We cover for each other
  • Honest estimates
  • you to say "No"
  • Automation!
  • Continuous Aggressive Learning
  • Mentoring

Bullet points grabbed from this talk:

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) - Demanding Professionalism in Software Development

Victor Velazquez

Coder, Musician, Startups, Passionate Dancer & Life Lover. Director of Engineering at MagmaLabs, Co-founder of Web Dev Talks, Co-founder of Voltaire, Co-founder of Paqkit, Ex-co-founder of Zaznova.

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